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I decided to join in the fun of the linky party right after I threw a Kindergarten sized fit that my computer crashed and it did not save the changes to my new Science unit... I spent the next FEW HOURS trying to get this computer to work. I am finally back up and running and do not have the energy to redo what the computer has undone... 

11. Favorite Movie- YIKES, I actually hate movies and can barely sit through one because I am thinking of all the things I want to do other than sit and watch a movie. But if you are making me pick a favorite it would be none other than...

Source: imdb.com via Rosie on Pinterest

10. Favorite TV series- I can watch these do laundry, cook dinner, check my email, text a friend and still know what is going on in the end.
Source: google.com via Beth on Pinterest

Shhhh, but I have a secret obsession with Jerseylicious, go figure.

9. Favorite Restaurant- The only place you can eat brunch by a fire, listen to Christmas music and shop all in one place!
how about Cracker Barrel?

8. Favorite thing I tried- I would have to say blogging. I stumbled onto blogs by accident and in an instant I was hooked. Within minutes, I was hooked and right then and there I decided to start a blog and when I realized what I had done I questioned my sanity about entering into something I knew very little about. For the first time in my life I just went with the flow and had no expectations and I guess the rest is history.

7. Favorite gift received- I loved the ripped bag of random snowmen my son gave me.

Dooney & Bourke Tartan PlaidDooney & Bourke Tartan Plaid
and... I LOVED the twin purses I got for Christmas.

James Avery also

Oh, and I LOVED the Christmas charms I got to make my family Christmas charm necklace.

6. Favorite thing I pinned- I can't wait to do this and more and blog about it on my science blog.

                                                                   5. Favorite blog post- I should probably say the darn Glitter Germs post because it is the most viewed and it is at the top of the list almost every stinkin' day and if you are interested it is always on my sidebar as one of the most annoying popular post but my personal favorite was a Cinco de Mayo post that got me my one and only negative comment from ANONYMOUS.

It's Still a Celebration blog post.

4. Favorite accomplishment- I think my favorite would have to be my blogs. I say that because when I told a few teacher friends about blogging I was laughed at and teased. It doesn't bother me at all. I learned a long time ago to never let the negative keep me from doing something I believe in. I BELIEVED that blogging could benefit me as a teacher. I BELIEVED that I could better meet the needs of the children in my classroom through mutual collaboration with other teachers. I BELIEVED that if teachers could combine their strengths it would be the children who would benefit the most.

3. Favorite Kindergarten picture- believe this... we grew that darn lettuce and that was not the first harvest friends... it was the LAST!

2. Favorite recent memory- Christmas morning was a good memory for me. My husband woke up early and had special hot chocolate for me on Christmas morning. I also had the Christmas gift I wanted when I was five waiting for me.  
Peppermint Hot Chocolate

1. Goal for 2012...


In other words, no matter your passion or dream...  

Many wishes to you this New Year. Thank you for everything!


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