Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Sale!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I really am falling for the fall season. As much as I hate that the sunny days of summer are coming to a close, I have decided to embrace fall and I am loving it. So many things to look forward to from here. And as I look forward and to a new direction, I have decided to have a two day sale this Sunday and Monday at my TeacherspayTeachers store. I think I can finally put the rush of Back to School behind me now and prepare for a new season. But with the passing of each season, sometimes we just have to reach out and take what little is left before we charge in to the new. 
Putting school aside for a quick minute and hitting the back roads with the windows rolled down and the radio on setting out to find that perfect spot to soak in the sun and embrace the change of the season. Taking a little break to remember the sweet memories of summer and to plan for new memories and adventures to come.
Looking back, I can say that I made quite a dent in my bucket list but just like anything there are always dreams and wishes that remain. I am at a place where I can say I am ok with that. Those dreams and wishes will just have to carry me through the coming season.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Is For Apple...
Hey Kinder Friends,
Let's just call the first few weeks...busy to say the least. I mean really the beginning is almost a distant memory for sure. And things were moving right along and then all of the sudden boom Open House. I honestly found myself a little frantic as the day approached. I had nothing to display and really nothing I could pull off with a very large class. We had been reading a lot of books about names and working hard to learn how to write names so somewhere in the middle of creating nameplates for each student and adding names to every book box and locker this idea just came to be.
Honestly, I love just about anything you can print and run with because time is so precious during the school year. I created these printable templates for this apple craft so that I would have something to use as we work on writing names and also use to hang in the hallway for Open House. I ended up just loving these because of their simplicity to prepare and pull off for a fast and fun Open House project.
 I used the colored card stock I had on hand so there really was no rhyme or reason or even pattern to the colors but somehow that just came together for me this time. I decided that for this project I would cut the apple pieces because I wanted them to focus on their name and I had to get this project accomplished with 27 kids in one morning session and hung up even before the glue was dry.
When all was said and done and I turned to leave for the day, I looked back and saw the apples all hanging in a row it just looked like...Kindergarten. And I got so excited that I went home and made the templates for a P is for pumpkin craft. So, if you find yourself in a bind for a little apple or pumpkin craft and need more information just click on the images above!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Call!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Thanks to everyone who participated. 
Don't let a chance pass you by!
Let's talk shopping! This time of year we are all doing a lot of shopping for the Back to School season. So if Back to School shopping has you frazzled, me and my friends at Freebielicious have you covered! To help with your last minute shopping, I am so excited to be giving away a $25 gift card to my favorite online store...AMAZON!
I am thrilled to be able to help you complete your last minute shopping list with Amazon. For me Amazon is the biggest time and life saver throughout the year. I am an Amazon Prime fan for sure. One of my favorite ways to use Amazon for the classroom when I am lesson planning. When I am at the computer the week before my lesson plan is due, I look at my plans and order any books and small supplies I might need from Amazon. I love Amazon Prime and their two day-no limit super fast shipping. With a click of a few buttons I am ready to go straight to the classroom...prepared! No more running around to different stores just for those small items or books. Amazon has given me time back to spend in other areas! All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win the Amazon gift card so you too can just click away and be ready for your favorite lesson!
But wait, it gets better. If you hop over to Freebielicious, you have more chances to win a $300 Visa gift card and lots of other great gift cards from my friends at Freebielicious! Seriously, these girls have you covered for some fabulous and fun Back to School shopping so check it out!
Have a great school year kinder friends!


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