Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Spy A Deal!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I spy a deal! I made a quick dash into Target and I found a few goodies to get me a little inspired to look ahead. Although not everything is out yet. I was still able to get a few things. I was kind of surprised to find orange pocket charts. That is a first! I was super happy to score a stamp set that had a sign and return stamp with it. My favorite finds were the black and white chalkboard table/locker plates. They had a lot of chalkboard inspired items. I found a few pennants or banners some that said smile or believe. I bought a couple of the wooden smile ones and the last believe one they had. They only had a few caddies but I scooped them up anyway. I was even able to get a new set of bulletin board coins. I thought that purchase was kind of funny since I now teach financial literacy in kindergarten according to my state and I just paid real money for paper money. I am sure there is a lesson there but it is summer so I will file that thought away for just a bit...longer.
I still can't believe I passed up the pencil painted mason jar.

They had a lot of Dr Seuss stuff and I mean a lot but I walked right on by because it isn't a Dr Seuss kind of year for me. Oh well, maybe next time. I only found one of the wooden apple signs and I am afraid if I had found more I might have bought them. Usually my Target doesn't put out the back to school dollar spot stuff until right after 4th of July. So, with that said, I better have a solid plan when I get there after the 4th! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Preach It!

Hey Kinder Friends,
This came at the perfect time...summer. As I have a chance to reflect and take a look back and look towards the new school year. This message was too good to keep to myself so I just had to share.
The power of a personal connection!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Here We Come!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well we are just about to reach the finish line and wrap up another year in kindergarten. With field days and fun days behind us it is time to look ahead. After graduation we are considered...first graders!

So for the last week we talk about gearing up for first grade. And for an end of the year keepsake we add hand prints, for the last time, to the poem above. It is pretty simple to pull together on the last week of school. Just gather all of those watercolor paints and let them paint! This is the easiest way to use them up. The poems are printed on cardstock so that it can withstand the watercolors. The cardstock absorbs the paint quickly so these are quick to dry. The best part is that you can add the tempera hand prints even when the watercolors are still wet. In most cases this project can be accomplished in a day.
If you need a copy just click on the first image.
Freebie Poem For Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And First Grade!
If you teach prek you could use the poem with this book. This one is always on the library shelf on the first day of school.


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