Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 Orange Pumpkins!

Hey Kinder Friends,
You know I love counting books so I was excited to spy this book at school next door. Always fun taking a peek at your neighbor and sneaking a book or two when they are busy. This is one of those books that I have to say I love because it was discovered at just the perfect time. Who can resist a seasonal counting book anyway?
I recently had made some number lines for my class as math tools. We had only used a large class number line at this point and I wanted the kids to be able to have and use their own when needed. After I cut them apart, I had them on my desk right next to the 10 Orange Pumpkins book. I decided to use the number lines with the book during Number Talks.
Adding the clothespins to the number line kept the kids focused and busy as we learned to move up and down the number line. We counted one by one up and down the number line while focusing on each number. Eventually we began a game of "show me" with the numbers in a random order.
The "show me" session gave me a chance to take note of who was struggling with finding the numbers, who was not using any strategy to find the numbers, who was actively applying some strategy and who needed more experiences with using a number line before these tools were put into their math notebooks for independent use. This also gave me an idea of who was ready for a larger number line. Sometimes just having the children turn around and face the opposite direction, helps them focus and listen. I think they think if they can't see me, then nobody can see them and even the reluctant few give it a try on their own.
I have printed a few extra to keep with the counting books when the children independently read during math. This book is a perfect fit because it has items on each page to count and then they find that number on the number line. Having something in their hands helps keep them engaged and thinking. It is a great way to continue counting the quantities on the page and finding the number on the number line. 10 Orange Pumpkins is a countdown book so we had fun counting backwards.
Spending this time working with the number lines really made a difference because our Number Talks were lively considering how many children had something to say about what strategies they used to find the correct number.
Counting from zero.
Counting from one.
Counting backwards from 10.
Counting from a known number.
Counting and touching each number to find the unknown.
Asking a friend.
Looking at another number line.
Eventually we moved on to talking about how we could use this tool to help us in math each day. All in all, about a 15 minute session with a few materials and a lot of engagement and talk...exactly why I love Number Talking!
Number lines have been added to my unit on TeacherspayTeachers. If you have previously purchased this unit please download again to get 1-10 and 0-20 student sized number lines!

Monday, October 13, 2014

MEGA Classroom T-Shirt Giveaway!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I am excited to let you in on this one. And if you know me well enough you will know exactly why. First, I have teamed up with my Freebielicious friends and we have got a super giveaway for you! For my entire career as a teacher I have had a love/hate relationship with teacher T-shirts. Truth be told, most of that relationship was actually hate. Over the years I have ordered many. I have been seen or photographed in few. There was always just something about that" Friday feeling" when slipping on those men's school teacher t-shirts that made me feel so...not so Friday if you know what I mean. I'm serious when I say it. I mean it with my whole heart. Something about a men's t-shirt on a Friday to a job you gave your heart and soul to the other four days a week made the baggie, high neck, long arm t-shirt feel like a uniform and not so fun Friday.
Well let's just say my whole t-shirt outlook has changed since A+ Images came into my life. As part of a previous giveaway they provided me with the best teacher t-shirt ever...ever! From the moment I put it on I knew it was the shirt for me not only because I literally felt like dancing but because it was a t-shirt cut for a woman. Never-you-mind me snapping the picture above in the mirror on a sweltering 100 degree day after working. It still felt like a fun Friday shirt. Let me count the ways this shirt is for me... The neck is just right and not up to your chin, the sleeves are the perfect length which make the shoulders fit properly and it is not hanging to my knees. And it has a slight curve in the middle. I said slight not tight friends. You know the illusion you want...enough said.
So when I was asked if I wanted in on another t-shirt giveaway I had to say yes because these are the cutest shirts...ever. Just looking at the samples made me happy. What teacher would not love having one of these? The best part is that each child can draw their own portrait for the shirt and that is seriously what makes it so special. With all of the color choices you can create and design a custom shirt to show your school spirit! What in the world is not to love here? I loved these so much I had to jump in. I am so excited to be able to partner up with Classroom Faces from A+ Images to offer this sweet giveaway for you. Check them out I am sure you will love them too!
Three lucky teachers will win...a classroom set!
This is a big deal friends...worth $250 for each class set.
*Up to 24 tshirts will be included in each prize pack. Winner can choose to order a class set of traditional single-color tshirts or tshirts will full-color illustrations. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $11 or $13 (depending on t-shirt size and style). Shipping is free for winners that live in the US. If a winner requires shipping outside of the US, the winner is responsible for shipping costs. (Shipping to Canada costs between $5-$20 depending on weight and location).
Hop on over to Freebielicious to enter!
And when you are done check these other fun Friday shirts out too!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Sale!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I really am falling for the fall season. As much as I hate that the sunny days of summer are coming to a close, I have decided to embrace fall and I am loving it. So many things to look forward to from here. And as I look forward and to a new direction, I have decided to have a two day sale this Sunday and Monday at my TeacherspayTeachers store. I think I can finally put the rush of Back to School behind me now and prepare for a new season. But with the passing of each season, sometimes we just have to reach out and take what little is left before we charge in to the new. 
Putting school aside for a quick minute and hitting the back roads with the windows rolled down and the radio on setting out to find that perfect spot to soak in the sun and embrace the change of the season. Taking a little break to remember the sweet memories of summer and to plan for new memories and adventures to come.
Looking back, I can say that I made quite a dent in my bucket list but just like anything there are always dreams and wishes that remain. I am at a place where I can say I am ok with that. Those dreams and wishes will just have to carry me through the coming season.


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