Saturday, July 30, 2016

First Day Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I can almost hear the school bell ringing. It is right around the corner. I can't believe how fast the summer just seemed to fly by. It won't be long and it will be the night before the first day.
With all of the hustle and bustle of back to school shopping and getting the classroom ready it is hard to get it all done. There are so many things to prepare for the year that sometimes it is easy to overlook the first day. The first day is so important and you might want to capture it in a quick picture. So if you need a little help getting a prop ready I found this in my files just ready for back to school. It is simple to print and prepare and a great prop after reading First Day Hooray.
Just a simple print, cut, laminate and staple together for the kids to hold for their first day pictures. So if this helps you get it all together and ready for that first day...hooray!
If you need your copy click...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Too Much Glue Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Thinking about Back to School always makes me think of glue. I had my basket loaded with bottles just the other day and it seems like no matter how many bottles you have it just is not enough. So you probably have figured out that I use bottles in my class. Yep, plain old bottles of glue. It is what is on our supply list and it is what I get a few of at the beginning of the year. I have no fear of the glue bottles. I just have learned to deal with it. And right from the very start we quickly learn the expectations for glue.
A Dot Will Do!
After reading the book and having a class discussion the kids are ready to get some hands-on experience with glue. I make copies of the glue page on red, yellow and green copy paper and we are set for a couple of rounds of glue work. We practice gluing hole punched black circles onto the paper. We practice how to open and close the bottle. We practice where and how to put it away and clean up. It's a big deal. And we have fun with it.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Am Giddy!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Last year I had the best time in our Math Workshop. It was our favorite part of the day. As I was thinking about the Math Workshop for the coming year I couldn't help but think of my last sweet class. It is kind of hard to imagine math without thinking of them. So this summer I really wanted to work hard to make sure I had another year of happy math kids. I was lucky my kids always requested...more. I spent a good amount of time last year rushing home and creating another printable for a special kid request. I wanted to have more than enough on hand to eliminate rushing home to create for the next day and maybe rushing home to chart a few miles on an exercise bike...
I swear I am not thinking about a graph or chart until school starts...seriously. But now you know why I am literally giddy. I am giddy with excitement because I don't have to hunt to find what I am looking for and have it tucked into a neat not so little file just ready for school. But I have to tell you about the books I am going to use this with. I found these books on Amazon and in my library last year.
You will be glad I told you about these books now. It might take a little hunting to get this one. But I swear it is worth it in so many ways. On the last week of school me and my TBFF literally packed these away in the most awkward of places so that when we unpack our rooms, we find them first.
I am super excited to start the year with pie graphs to five and comparing numbers. Somehow I just know these will be a favorite and maybe my kids will request a few more.
Because of my class last year I fell in love with tallies. I swore I never would but I can't really hide it anymore so I will run with it. You know they really are not so bad. And did we have fun in our math discussions sharing our data collection, yep we sure did. Actually we liked working with graphs but talking about them sure was lively.
We ended our year last year with create-a-graph pictographs. The kids were so excited if they new it was a create-a-graph day. We got out our construction paper, printables, scissors and glue and we went to town. Creating large quantity graphs independently. And let me tell you if they requested a special one I went home and made it real fast. I know you are wondering so let me tell you why. The kids were so engaged and busy it was worth it. And I was at a back table assessing for report cards without an interruption. That alone could make me independence. And they were always so excited to discuss their graphs when the Math Workshop was over.
So many little time. Now all I have to worry about is actually finding these books where I hid them!
If you need to get giddy about graphs just click on the link in the post above.


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