Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Getting Dicey!

So I have a little obsession with dice. I'm ok. I just love them. And this picture is just my new stash of dice. I was at a math conference last week and I had to get some dice I have always wanted. I am super excited that I now have dice that go up to 20! And I am totally intrigued by the dice with the crown on them to the left! I have no idea what the crown is for but I am sure we can come up with something, right? Considering this is just a small sample of my dice, I had to start thinking of a way to organize my dice. I have been looking for a dice jar but I didn't want the kids to be spending time digging through a jar to get the dice they need. What I am hoping for is that my children will be able to pick the proper dice they need for the particular task and find it quickly.

I found this craft organizer at Hobby Lobby for $8 but I had a coupon so it was 40% off! All my new dice fit and so do the small dice containers. This is perfect for self serve dice!

I have to give credit where credit is due... My husband saw these at Dollar Tree and suggested I use them for dice. They came in a six pack! It is perfect for a single die. When you turn it upside down you can see and read the die perfectly!

And this is what it looks like inside all organized and happy...
Just for fun I have added a dice freebie to use when I am teaching the kids how to self serve dice, what dice to use and how to put things back. I have made a Roll and Record page so the children can practice, getting a die, experimenting and becoming familiar with different dice and recording what they have rolled. Please feel free to get your free copy and if you have time please leave feedback. The I Love Dice Roll and Record game is only available at my TpT store for a limited time!

So if you are interested in more dice fun... Roll the Dice is back and ready for Fall! This download is available from TpT and it comes with 3 levels of play and a total of 9 game boards that include apples, pumpkins and forest themed boards! Get em while they are hot!

I have teamed up with Empowering Little Learners for more dice fun and I hope you hop over and find more dice ideas!

We really don't want the dice fun to end because we are having so much fun! What do you do with dice? How do you store your dice? What are your favorite games with dice? What creative ways do you use dice in your classroom? Come on friends, don't leave us hanging... join in the fun and submit your ideas to the It's Getting Dicey Linky Party!


Brittney said...

Thanks for the dice ideas! :)

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Mrs. Miner said...

I just followed your blog and couldn't believe that I wasn't already a follower! I am here all the time! I was your 400th follower---congratulations! I added a virtual dice game to the linky party--hope that's okay.
Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

Suzanne said...

I really like your organization tips. I blogged about your linky party on my blog. Hope you have a great school year.

Shannon said...

Love the dice ideas! Did you get your dice at CAMT last week? I presented at the Math-a-Rama and couldn't resist picking up some new dice from the exhibit hall as well! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! I just started my own blog so please stop by for a visit in the future!

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Can't wait to read all the suggestions. I just purchased a large tub on foam dice for math work stations. Know, I will have plenty of go to resources. :)

Cyndy said...

Thanks for the linky party! I enjoyed the blog hopping of ideas!
Counting with Coffee

Deceptively Educational said...

I just posted a math game totally inspired by your "Roll the Dice," Mrs. Coe! Stop by and check it out: And thanks for being my muse!

Dee said...

I have a recent post about using dice and clam chowder lids! I know it's too late to link up, but I did give your page a shout out. There are so many terrific ideas here!
First Impressions

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