Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Great $1.80 Dice Box!

Hey Kinder Friends,
If you have followed me for at least a year you probably know I love dice. I don't know why but I always have and I always will. I can barely contain myself when I see them anywhere. I swear I will always need more because how many I have is just never enough. Last year at a math conference I was able to add to my dice collection quite a bit and I quickly realized that my dice jar would no longer work for me. I didn't want to see children dumping and digging to find the right dice to use.
This is the dice box I used last year with all different kinds of dice. We used them all and loved them all for all kinds of reasons and all kinds of math fun. I loved this box so much because it also held my dice shakers. We used the dice shakers to prevent those rambling and rolling dice from bouncing all over the place. I searched high and low for that "just right" dice box and I ran all over town for the shakers. My dice box was full so I had to find another one...oh my! I was super lucky to spot
The Great $1.80 Dice Box while shopping at Hobby Lobby. This was a steal at $2.99 but even better with the weekly coupon that made it $1.80!
I was super lucky to have the chance to meet Crystal from Kreative in Kindergarten. We were meeting up to ride together to a blogger meet up. We decided to make a detour into Lakeshore Learning. I guess it was no surprise to find me on the dice aisle. I was able to find some dice in dice which really translates to me as fun and more fun. I found big ones and little ones. Lucky for me, Crystal and I split the packages between the two of us.
As you can clearly see I did not have near enough of dice in dice so I am glad I was able to pick up some more. Although we did not use these dice in dice at the beginning of Kindergarten, we sure did a few months into the year and we just wanted more! And these are the easiest way to differentiate many math games simply by swapping out the dice used. You would be surprised at just how good the kids get at deciding which dice to use or which dice they need to use.
When the day arrives that I pull out the dice box for the very first, time we talk about expectations quickly and I let them shake, rattle and roll because I know that is all they want to do is get their hands on those dice! Last year, I only had to talk about the dice box once and they kept it on the shelf in the same place probably because they knew it was my prized possession.
Once the dice fun was over, I was able to introduce this recording page. The children were able to roll and record. Because I have so many different kinds of dice, the children quickly figure out there are many ways to record. If you click on the image above you will be able to download your copy. I will be adding a new dice freebie in the coming days, so follow me there if you are interested. We used this recording page a lot in the beginning of the year.

I was able to send dice home with the kids for some hands-on homework practice. I talked to the kids and explained I would send home with them one set of dice but each time they finished there homework they would have to bring it back. I did let them know if the dice did not return, I would not be sending another set home with them. I never had a problem getting dice back but folders every single day was another issue...hmmm. I was able to find colored dice at Dollar Tree that I used to send home with the children. I have seen them since in packs of eight. For the dice shakers I have not seen this exact container at Dollar Tree this year.


Sarah Hankinson said...

Thanks for posting! I found an idea on pinterest to place dice in small plastic containers with lids, which I did, and it greatly helped from dice flying across the room! I love the containers you have posted since they're smaller.

Sarah @ Learning is for Superstars

mr. m said...

Love the idea of the containers for students. I'm a middle school math teacher and dread getting the dice out for activities. Saw this blog and went to Amazon, just ordered a case of specimen cups with screw-on lids for under $4. I don't think I will dread dice activities anymore! :D

KathyC said...

I love dice too! To prevent mine from going all over the room, I put a piece of felt in the middle of the table, or partners, or next to the child...depending on the number of players and within a couple tries the kids are experts at rolling onto the felt. It prevents the dice from moving too far. Give it a try!! I use dice games a lot with my 4 your olds and my Kindergarten class. The pre-K'ers can do it too! Give it a try!!

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