Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello Kinder Friends,
I am finally able to go through some emails after the storm and power issues. I am catching up and putting all the pieces back together. By request I have added the Crisscross I Can Be Posters, Poem and Printables to my TpT store. I plan on using these to teach the Rules of Good Listening and to hang in my classroom, I am also making these into a big class book for our library and a large poster sized poster for independent reading with pointers. These are simple to prepare and get ready for the beginning of the year in a snap and I just love that!

Last year I was able to find this book which my class really enjoyed! It was a perfect book to read when we made applesauce. And last year the applesauce was the very best. I can't wait to do it again! And as I was looking around for apple books, I found some new ones that I am sure to order.

One Red Apple
        Happy Apple Season Friends! All this apple talk makes me want some candy apples...

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Jane said...

Thanks for sharing this. :) I also love apples. hahahah, well another school year is here, time flies so fast. Have a great year. I'm glad I've stopped by your blog.

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