Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Dice?

Hey Kinder Friends,
I am linking up with Ladybug's teacher files for a shopping Linky Party. I can't believe that an entire month has passed sine the last. I guess time flies when you are having fun... This summer I have been organizing and regrouping myself for a new year. I dreaded the process at first but now I have to say I am in the swing of things and getting to the fun part...putting it all together! I now have different work zones in my house and I love it. I love having a place and purpose for everything. But I especially love that I have work zone choices! I guess I am like the kids and I like choice too. And give me a laptop and I can be happy just about anywhere...but I have to have the laptop!

Earlier in the summer I was able to find these fun office additions on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. Finding things like this made it a bit easier to get the organization process started when I really was dreading it. And since then I have moved along and kept organizing. Each time I look at the dice container it kind of makes me laugh. I am starting to think I might have a thing with dice. I bought that dice container because what I always wanted was a dice bean bag or seat and they were always so expensive so I passed them up. The dice container was supposed to make me feel better for not getting the dice bean bag chair. Year after year, the same store would have the same expensive bean bag and somehow I always passed it up.

This year as I was shopping for school supplies I spotted some dice seats at WalMart. It really only took about a second to toss one into my basket. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! I finally got one. And that kind of inspired me to keep organizing and creating new work zones at home. And when I thought about it a little more I had to run back and get a rug and a trashcan!

And once I had a cozy little space to work, I decided to make yet another Roll the Dice version because my friend Adam keeps writing in to me and asking how to play roll the dice but never leaves me a way to reach him so here it is... You roll the dice and depending on what number you roll, you write the word under that number. You keep rolling the dice and writing until all of the grid is written in and filled. It really is that simple and every single kid loves it and it is a sneaky way to practice words. You just never can go wrong with dice! If you need a copy just click on the image above.

Happy Days Friends!

Ladybug's teacher files


Zoe said...

Dice are such a great learning tool! They are a staple in my classroom.

Anonymous said...

Love your adorable craft room. I need one of those. My crafts have invaded my living room!

Tangled with Teaching

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