Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sharing Cookies!

This scrumptious follow-up to the bestselling Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons captures the spirit of the holiday season. From making the same kind of cookies at the same time each year (tradition) to decorating them with lots of sprinkles (celebrate), youngsters will gobble up vocabulary words and holiday lessons in this charming dictionary of sorts.
Happy Holidays Kinder Friends,
Today was my annual trip to pick up gingerbread men for the class party on Friday. As I was driving to the bakery I was thinking of all the things that have to be taken care of this time of year. And I was remembering all of the past gingerbread decorating parties and it reminded me just how fast time passes... I have thought about time a lot as I try to savor the time I have with my class this year. Since I make this cookie trip just once each year I couldn't remember exactly where it was located and it didn't help that they had changed locations. But when I found it I knew I was home...
The bakery is now nestled inside a church. And when I walked in and saw the light shining through the stained glass I knew I was in the right place and just where I should be. During this time of year in Kindergarten we spend a lot of time talking about traditions and celebrations. We share stories from our lives and talk about how we share similar experiences and also we learn about different experiences from each other. I use the book Christmas Cookies shown above for part of that discussion. And I tie in an old favorite of mine that is no longer in print...
  This loving celebration of Christmas is as fresh as the season's first snowfall, and as warm as a steaming mug of eggnog. A young girl growing up in the country enjoys a simple but enchanting Christmas with her family. Boxes of treasured homemade ornaments are brought out; an evergreen wreath brightens the front door; and relatives gather for a delicious meal. Captured here are the memorable holiday moments we cherish and remember-always.
When I walked in to the bakery and saw these cookies I was weak in my knees. They remind me of my whole life... my childhood, being a mother and Christmas in Kindergarten. As I looked at the decorated cookies it reminded me of my own childhood Christmas decorating parties my mother threw for me. I remembered my childhood friends, laughing, dancing and the Christmas tree my mother decorated with cookie cutters trimmed in gingham ribbons.
 And it reminded me of my great grandmother. When she would visit we would come home to fresh baked cookies. And the part I loved the most was the piled high frosting. For just a moment I think I could taste them again. In my family we all still talk about those cookies. Sometimes it is the small moments in life that last forever in our hearts and minds. And these are the stories I have shared in Kindergarten...
After my trip down memory lane I had to take some pictures and get my gingerbread cookies ready to go home. I can't wait to share my cookies in Kindergarten!
And I don't think anyone was surprised when I had to bring these cookies home to share. I bet they knew what stories I would tell at the table tonight... Yep, they know me all too well. And they listen just like it was the first time.
So in the spirit of my trip down memory lane and my traditions and celebrations I share these cookies with you! Click on the image above to grab yours! Merry Christmas Kinder Friends!


Cecilia said...

Merry Christmas : ) Thanks for sharing.

Annie Moffatt said...

Oh...I really enjoyed reading that sweet story!! Thanks for sharing!
The Moffatt Girls

Mrs. C said...

Merry Christmas Friends!

Busy Bees said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the books~

Christy Brown said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I can honestly say that I was inspired! Thanks for creating such an inspiring blog. I hope you'll pop over to mine some day and that I could inspire you too. :)

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