Monday, July 24, 2017


Hey Kinder Friends,
We spent a lot of time setting goals last year and talking about positive mindsets. So when we were put to the challenge of a team challenge and contest, I think it all kind of collided. I think the hardest part of a team challenge is definitely defining the focus and getting started on a plan. And all I could muster up were images in my head of vintage red trucks carrying Christmas trees. I guess I was wishing I was back on break and things were not so busy.
After setting goals for the spring semester with our classes and displaying them it kind of made the truck idea seem a little more tied in to a theme of positive mindset traffic signs and trucks on the move. Once we all agreed on the theme and the kids had set their goals we really were ready to getting moving in the right direction. And once we got started we really were on a roll.
We were so excited our theme even reached the main building. And we all noticed that having the positive signs displayed just about everywhere seemed to uplift us all at a very busy time of year. We had the display up for open house and several weeks after. It was hard to take it all down because it was our favorite theme the entire year.
What really made this challenge fun was that we got to work together on a project in a different way than usual. I quickly discovered that I work with very creative teachers. We paired up on different parts of the project. We laughed a lot.
We had true collaboration and I also learned that I work with a team of perfectionists! I swear I do not remember the hallway being so clean or cohesive except for the day the building was opened 17 years ago.
I think one of my favorite parts about the team collaboration was having a general theme but having our own personality shine through. It was a lot of fun coming up with individual motto's for our drivers license, license plates, quotes for above our doors and individual truck designs.
It was a lot of fun looking at each door as it was put up and noticing the personality of each teacher come out. We had a lot of great comments on the night of open house. Parents commented on the goals the children had set for themselves, how they could help them reach their goals and they got to know a little bit about us personally through the decorations.
Our theme kind of took off and PreK wanted to join us! And they set their own goals too.
Once everything was done we almost forgot it was a team challenge. Even if we didn't win we were happy with what we had accomplished together.
But it sure was sweet when it was announced that we did win and we got to leave early the Friday before spring break!

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