Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Cookie Balls!

If you are looking for a little bit of fun or something sweet you have to give OREO Cookie Balls a try! These little cookies make a great teacher gift or a fun recipe to do with kids in the kitchen. If you have had a stressful and crazy week like I have, then crazy cookie balls might just the thing to bring you out of your teacher blues! You can have fun decorating these little cuties and let your imagination go wild! Ok, so mine look like asteroids but hey it was my first try and I never  said I was Betty Crocker...I just said I LOVE Betty Crocker!

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Jewel said...

I like this idea, and may adapt it for use with my small son. I live in the UK and we can buy Oreos here but not all the ingredients.

Visiting you from the no rules blog hop.

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