Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Amber

Dear Amber,
This is to the only girl who could cry a river over a hot pink headband! Oh, we are so much alike. Well, it's been a debate for the entire year with both of us...bangs or no bangs? We have had good hair days and some not so good hair days. And I guess both of us have figured it all out. I am keeping the bangs and you are not! I am so glad we finally found our hair groove. I think our new looks suit us both. Please send this message to your mom for me. I will miss having you and your brother in Kindergarten a whole bunch. And when your mom wrote me to say thanks for saving J, I should have written back and said, no thank you for giving me BOTH of your kids for two years to keep me on my toes, increasing my running stamina and for making me laugh and smile and happy that I am a Kindergarten teacher in good hair days and bad! 

Love, Mrs. Coe 

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