Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Management Idea!

Looking ahead to next year...and just thinking how I will manage things if I have a large class size. I just found these star sticks and I am super excited to use them! I plan on using them when I am teaching a whole group lesson and instead of calling on a child who raises their hand, I am going to reach for a star and call on the child who is written on the stick. Once the child has responded or passed on a response I am going to put the star stick in another container. I like this idea because everyone is engaged and wondering if they will be called on next, passing on an answer is ok and it is a more fair system than just randomly calling names and taking so much time raising hands over and over. I can't wait to put these to use! And the best part is that these are wipe on and off so you can reuse them!

Would these also be cute as reading pointers? Om~gosh, I am ordering some more!


Mrs.Burns' Kindergarten said...

Love these! I actually found some at the Dollar Tree last year. Don't know if I will be that lucky again...but will defiantly use them again.

Anonymous said...

I love those star sticks.

I use sticks like that to call on children. . . but have noticed that sometimes they go "missing." (I have a few kids who don't like to be called on and will take their stick out of the jar.) To stop that, sometimes we line up for recess or lunch in the order that they are picked by the sticks. This works really well, and stopped the missing sticks.


Mrs. Coe said...

Someone wrote me and told me that they saw similar sticks at Dollar Tree so I am gonna be on the look out!

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