Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Odalis

In your life you will meet people that you have an instant connection with and sometimes it is just unexplainable. In my life, it was you. In the beginning I was not really sure what it was that made me feel that connection but now I do... I have watched you grow and change and in so many ways become your own person. Long gone are the days of having your "best friend" speak for you or do for you. I am so proud that you emerged as a leader in our class and with your own voice. I love your voice that I always knew was there. I admire you for always telling me what you would "do better" the next lesson. I guess you learned how important self reflection is to learning and growing. I am glad that I was better at including that in the lesson cycle than I have been in the past. You worked hard this year and it shows. I am proud of you. When I am missing you, I am going to think of a butterfly because you emerged into your own self just like a butterfly does. Sometimes it might have felt like it was slow but changes were taking place day by day. This is your day! I want you to get out there and fly like I always knew you could!

Love, Mrs. Coe

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