Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fairy Godmothers!

I have been asked this question a lot lately... What is a Fairy Godmother? Take for example my new fairy godmother, my Science Fairy Godmother. A fairy godmother is a person in your teaching life who takes you under their wing and teaches you every hot new teaching technique, keeps you updated on the latest hot topic and gives you tools to make your teaching more effective and fun. A fairy godmother ALWAYS has the answers to your questions and you are ALWAYS amazed at what they carry in their bag of tricks. And no matter where you are or what you are doing, they can just magically whip up something so fantastic out of their magic trick bag, that it makes your head spin. You probably have a fairy godmother you just haven't told her yet. And if by chance you don't, just look around and I am sure you will find one. So look what mine brought today.
A handmade pocket chart in 120 seconds flat! I told you she was magic! This is brilliant because it is made out of poster board, sentence strips and staples. Best part is, you can crop or cut this and make it any size AND it is made out of the cheapest materials around. All it is is folded and stapled sentence strips on poster board. What about all the different colors of poster board and sentence strips...OPTIONS! What about small individual ones for children working on Mix it and Fix it? What about that odd space on your wall that nothing fits? What about the new teacher who has nothing? I bet she would think YOU were a fairy godmother if you whipped this little bit of happiness out the day before school starts! As you can see this idea has TONS of options and it is worth sharing.
OM~gosh, if you don't have a fairy godmother you just have to go and get one!


Anonymous said...

Love it! I had a fellow teacher, coworker that I would put in this status. My first year here she was the one that I could go to, that was available and had the great ideas.... and she wasn't even my official mentor teacher! She retired at the end of last year- ready to enjoy RVing and retirement years- she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the end of last summer and passed away this January. Now I am not saying that to get aw's but I am a better teacher for having had her as a mentor, coworker, fairy godmother :-)

Thank you for sharing!
Primary Connections

Rachelle said...

Love your blog. Love this post. LOOOVVVEE!

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