Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Ok Kinder friends, my head is spinning with excitement. I just finished these 1-20 Counting Books. And as I was getting them ready to go in the back to school box, I realized the possibilities are endless. For one download of three dollars, let me tell you what you can make but you might want to grab some lemonade because this might take a while...
1. A super cute counting book to 5
2. A super cute counting book to 10, 15 and 20
3. Copy on colored cardstock for versions of all the above
4. Mix up the numbers and make a mixed up number book
5. A backwards counting book
6. Copy on paper to use with stamps, stickers, markers, dot paint
7. Laminate and use for playdough mats
8. Laminate and use with theme manipulatives
(did you notice I lost my last fish on #12... perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of counting strategies and counting strategies are a completely different post because I LOVE talking counting strategies)

All of the possibilities for three dollars available at my Teachers pay Teachers store! And while you are there make sure you grab your free copies of the popular Roll the Dice.

Saw these bags at Target and couldn't resist. The One Fish, Two Fish just kinda got the Kindergarten girl inside of me! Have fun with this make and take! I was able to print and prepare lots of versions of this download in a small amount of time. So, that's preparing for math in a snap, so how bout that?

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