Monday, June 6, 2011

Teeny Tiny Math Tip

Never been a gamblin girl but I sure have an unexplainable love for dice. I love big dice, little dice, colored dice, double dice and any other type there is. I use a lot of dice with the Investigations curriculum so dice in my room are always in use. My children have always loved dice and dice games too and it just might be because dice can sometimes be noisy, bouncy, funny and lively depending on who is playing the game. I have to admit, I have gotten carried away in the heat of a real good Kindergarten dice game as well. Who can really blame me? Dice can be just so much fun. But if you are looking for a way to tame those lively and bouncy dice I have the trick for you! 

Run to your local Dollar Tree and grab your teeny tiny dice containers! Let your kids shake the heck out of the dice in the container and when the dice stops moving that is the dice roll! No more fun little dice bouncing or flying across the table or classroom...darn! Now that's a teeny tiny math tip in a snap, so how bout that?


Hadar said...

such a cute idea! anything to reduce noise! lol!

Miss Kindergarten

Cindy said...

What are those dice containers???

Cindy said...

Can the snack containers hold two dice or more? Just wondering about the upper grade uses as well. :)

Mrs. Bee said...

They came in a multi-pack, too!! perfect size!

Mrs. Bee
Bee's KinderGarden

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