Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bulletin Boards!

When I found out there was a Linky Party at First Grade Blue Skies about bulletin boards that you LOVE, I just had to join. This year I have fallen in love with my Smart Cookies interactive bulletin board. My Smart Cookies bulletin board set kind of got me obsessed with the other products in the line from Artskills, which I buy at Target for $2.50 each! So many people have asked me where these products are located. You can find them with all of the other poster making products! I am kind of excited about my bulletin boards because I hear that Artskills is going to have a bulletin board contest! I know my Smart Cookie and 100 Day Tree Bulletin Board sets are going to be interactive and I am still working on those. But if I could WISH a real big WISH, I am hoping to find the Amazing Artist bulletin board set you see above! I guess it is selling fast and I am just one step behind! And wouldn't it be neat to have your class bulletin board featured and grab a I Was Featured On Artskills button? As soon as I have the info I will post it so you have time to get your stuff and start creating!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Those are so cute! I will have to check them out the next time I get to Target! Thanks for linking up!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Vintage Teacher said...

I love the cookie jar. Havent' decided yet how I am going to use it, but I assure you I will. lol

Older students have to be coaxed into using things, but I can do it. They learn to love them or at least to act like they do. lol

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