Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Really Can't Contain Myself!

Well, this day started off like a charm... Up early, one appointment and right around the corner a little store called Dollar Tree. I had to stop in to get a BIG bag for one of my best teacher friends birthday! Well, and what do my eyes spy? OM~gosh, a ONE DOLLAR HAND POINTER! I had to take a moment and make sure I wasn't giving myself high blood pressure and collect my thoughts! Yes, it IS exactly the same as the ones you pay five dollars for teacher friends. Trust me, I have inspected every inch of this gem. You better run and get them while they are there!
But before I leave to go get some more... I wanted to share with you one of my favorite summer finds, my binder easel. I learned about binder easels from Beth at Primary Connections. I am using one for my morning greeting to my students as they walk in the door. I just love this idea. In the coming days, I will share some other fun ideas for this so cute binder easel.


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Awesome deal!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. H. said...

I am going to go check out the Dollar Tree.

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I can't wait to see more about the binder easel! I went to the site but I couldn't find anything on it. Thanks for sharing!

Alicia said...

I love Dollar Tree! They always have great things for the classroom!

grace said...

great tip...but I love how you have the morning routine in the notebook!!....what other "goodies" are in that notebook??? :)

smorss99 said...

Very cute! I wish I could find awesome things at the Dollar stores by me!


~ Mona said...

I have not even thought about school... ugghhh!
~ Mona : )
Mona’s Milestones

Laura said...

Can you tell me more about your binder easels? Love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas & finds!

Dana Lester said...

I can't find any info on the binder easel either. Can you help? I currently have a binder like this propped up and white duct tape holds the front and back cover the way I need it to. But if there is an easel that does this, I want it!!
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