Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kicking Off Science With Steve Spangler!

OM~gosh... I just got my Steve Spangler Classroom Color Kits today. I am so excited to kick off science and exploring science through a new My Five Senses Unit that I can hardly wait... I want to dive into this kit right now and get going! I am going to spend some time working with the kit and working out some lessons and I will be so excited to share the fun with you!

Today we learned about germs and proper hand washing and safe science practices through a fun activity with a little glitter!



Ms. Jodie said...

I did a fun germ lesson with my class yesterday. Everyone got either a pink or a yellow paint dot on their hand and two kids got a blue dot. I let them shake their friends hands and after a 2 minutes I had them stop and make a hand print on the paper. They then went to wash their hands. We looked at the prints and I told them the blue signifies germs. 16 of 17 kids had blue on their hand print. Then I had them look at their hands. A few kids said that they still had some blue on their hands. We talked about how this means they were not washing their hands well enough and they could have germs left on their hands : ). They all seemed to get it and they were all scrubbing away today! I would love to hear about how you did your glitter activity!

S. Parker said...

My kit should arrive tomorrow. I am so excited. Thanks for including me. :)

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