Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet Mr. Crunch!

After working on assessments and identifying that I have lots of work to do on letter identification and letter and sound relationships I decided to make Mr. Crunch. I plan on using Mr. Crunch a lot of letter and sound sorts during small groups and also during some circle time activities. I found the mini trash can at Dollar Tree and painted it with Krylon black paint. I found a package of google eyes at Dollar Tree as well. His name and polka dots came from here...
The Polka Dot Patch
I ordered them from her store and I was able to tell her exactly what I wanted for my cute little Mr. Crunch. The letters and polka dots were great quality, vibrant colored adhesive vinyl. I love these so much that I am ordering other stickers for my next project.

If you are in need of cookies to feed your cute Mr. Crunch, I have a set available for you in my TpT store. This download is packed full of cookie fun! If you do not want to make your Mr. Crunch, you can use the cookies to sort on paper plates or cookie trays! The download includes 43 pages of cookies to sort by letter and shape attributes, upper and lowercase, numbers to 30, 2 sets of fonts, 3 sets of a-z beginning sounds and syllable sorts! I hope you have some cookie fun and a great week!


Ms. Patterson said...

Great Idea! Thanks for sharing

Ms. Patterson
Pocket Full of Kinders

vick727 said...

Thanks for all the wonderful resources! Just your kiddos usually begin the year knowing most of their letters and sounds? I have taught kindergarten for 7 years, and I have only taught one year where my kids began the year with more than 25% knowing all letters and sounds. However, yesterday on another kindergarten blog, I saw a K teacher giving a spelling test and already teaching digraphs and dipthongs. I found this to be strange, as I spend most of the first 1-2 months doing basic letters and sounds. What have you found in your teaching?

annspencer said...

In my class, on the first day assessment, I found that 6 kids knew 17 - 25 letters, 7 kids knew
0 - 3, and 7 kids knew 5 - 16. We will NOT be doing spelling tests anytime soon!

Ashley Nichols said...

Awe! He is adorable!!!!! :) Love him!!

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