Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mouse Count!

Mouse Count
When I think of the beginning of Kindergarten and especially the beginning of Math in Kindergarten, I think of Mouse Count. If you use Investigations I bet you are thinking the same thing too. I found some cute cat toys at Dollar Tree and snatched them up to put in my love of all loves... my counting jar. I have loved to count things since I was in Kindergarten. Which brings me to my next point, the now famous penny stamps. I have had so many emails about what I call a penny stamp. Basically a penny stamp is a small craft foam shape stuck on the top a a bottle top. Since you can get a bag of foam shapes at Dollar Tree with over one hundred pieces in it you can make 100 stamps. I call them penny stamps because they cost about a penny to make and I just love them! Which brings me to the last point. If you have the book and read it, have your mice and count them, use your stamps and make a mouse penny stamp then you gotta go the extra mile and record what is inside of that counting jar, right? Yep, so I made a handy recording page and you can get it right here at TpT for free!

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weety said...

Love this book! I don't do the Investigations math program(although it sounds pretty good!??), but I always use this book and a counting jar to get my math going! I bought little cat toys, too! The kids love them.

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