Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Number Corner September

I promised myself I would blog about Number Corner this year and I made a pact this year to try the child created calendar pieces. With a little planning, I am proud to say we are ready! We used the suggested ABCD color pattern mentioned in the book. This first time out, I really wanted it to be simple and just learn through the process. The children made apple hand prints in four different colors. We worked together to discuss and create our pattern. I was determined to get two elements of pattern in the month of September. I love the way they look because they remind me of Eric Carle art. I have to admit that we were so excited to finally work out the patterns and put it up, that we thought tomorrow was September 1st! Sooooo, another calendar lesson and just another chance to move things around correctly. The children did enjoy putting it together piece by piece as their number was called. Like they always say... better the second time around! 

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