Monday, August 8, 2011

Science Notebooks

So you are wondering what to do with all those composition books you just bought at Staples? So you are not ready for Science? I have the answer... Science Notebooks! This is just the perfect size for little hands to observe and record all of their Scientific findings. First, you need a label to make it look like something a Kindergarten Scientist would carry. If you need labels I have them here for a small fee and the best part is you can save and print these year after year. Second, you need a Science Contract to keep everybody safe. You can get that here for FREE. If you are using spirals you can just staple it inside the cover after the children get it signed. If you are using composition books, you will trim on the dotted line and glue or staple inside. Third, if you would like to add ribbon so your little Scientist can keep his place, you simply hot glue ribbon inside the back cover. I believe I saw this great idea on and I thought this was perfect for keeping your place. And last, you staple in some stickers so that each time you are conferencing with a student and notice something fantastic, you will have them right where you need them even if you are outside in the school garden. So that's a Science tip in a snap, so how bout that? 
Staples has composition books right now through Wednesday for .10 cents with a $5 purchase! The labels you see above were purchased at Staples and what you are looking for is half sheet labels and sometimes they are called shipping labels. And if you are looking for spirals you can get them now at Wal Mart for .20 cents with lots of color options. 
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Kinder Latino said...

You have a wonderful blog. Your science notebooks are too cute. Thanks for sharing your Science Notebook Contract! I want to invite you to my Freebies Linky Party. Have a great year!!!


Kinder Latino said...

Thank you for joining my Linky Party!!!

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