Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have to admit, after all of the emails I probably should not hold on to this post. I am starting to feel guilty that I have found these aprons and that people are running around trying to find stuff posted. And just like you I am starting to think of different ways to tell the family where I am going instead of saying Dollar Tree again. To make matters worse, nobody will endure this trip with me again.
If you are going to my Back to School Science training, I just hope you act like this is the best idea around and you have never in your life seen this post. And if a facilitator is in the room or walks by, just shout out what a brilliant idea this is and how affordable! I am planning on some messy things this year and I need smocks. Sure I could ask the children to bring in an old shirt but from my experience, that has not always been the best idea... You can figure that one out. Anyway, for a dollar I am using these. Yep, they are thin and I do not care because they will be covered in paint before you know it and that just might make the fibers a little stronger... Now if you get to Dollar Tree and these are gone this is what you do. You grab about five or six of your best teaching friends and you order a case and have it sent to the store for free! If they are on back order this is what you do... You save the messy stuff until they come in!

As far as what to tell your family? I am not sure. I am brainstorming different ways to tell my family that I am on my way to Dollar Tree again!

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Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at your post because my kids are tired of the dollar store and the dollar section at Target! I'm glad I'm not alone!

The aprons are so cute. I have two from the dollar store that my kids don't use anymore. They are in my bag to take to school.


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