Friday, August 12, 2011

Writing Folders

Not the best photo quality here but this is a fabulous idea I had to try. I have seen a couple of versions of these online this summer. I knew I had to try this out for myself. And considering I have a ton of penny folders from Staples this seemed like the time to do it!
You will need:
2 folders with brads
Hot glue
1. Before you get going you need to pick the inside folder color and go ahead and insert the brads into the holes just in case you might find something so fabulous to put in those brads later...
2. Open up one of the folders and lay it on a flat surface. Flatten the insert so that the brads are on one side and the holes are on the other side. This is where you will  hot glue the yellow folder inside the black. You will do this by gluing the brad strip (on the inside of the strip) and inserting the yellow folder. At this point, only half of your folder insert will be glued. Be careful not to let the glue seep in those holes or you may end up with no fingerprints as you press down.
3. You will repeat for the other side of the yellow folder.
4. You now have a four pocket folder!
5. Affix you labels.
6. Repeat about 29 more times and THEN you are done! WHEW!

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martha said...

i have enjoyed reading ur blogs and it has helped me with my own classroom thanks

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