Sunday, August 14, 2011

Writing Folders

Complete set UNITS OF STUDY FOR PRIMARY WRITING: A YEARLONG CURRICULUM: Conferring Handbook, Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing, CD-rom, 7 books: Launching Workshop, Small Moments, Writing for Readers, Revision, Authors as Mentors, Nonfiction, Poetry I have had a lot of emails about the writing folders that I have posted. I use Lucy Calkins Units of Study to help me teach writing in Kindergarten. I absolutely love this program and the format of the units. I have learned so much over the years about how to teach writing and what that looks like in a real Kindergarten classroom through working through this series of books. Over the years, I have tried writing binders, writing folders and premade writing books. All of these systems have had pros and cons and have been used for specific reasons. Instead of doing the same old thing again, I decided to make a change back to a writing folder. I did not enjoy using writing binders because they were bulky, they cost more and the hole punching. In my first and second year of using the Units of Study, I used writing folders and I felt like they were messy and unorganized but I loved the freedom that they allowed for a child to choose what writing paper they would need for their writing. I used premade writing books last year and noticed that as my children progressed as writer's many of my children abandoned the writing books and preferred choosing different writing formats at different times. I couldn't blame them because I know I would have done the same thing as a young writer. I feel that writing folders will help organize their writing better than what I have done in the past so the need for a writing folder emerged. I played with different configurations and different ways to adhere both folders together and I decided on what you have seen posted below. I have pockets for writing tools, work in progress, work to be edited and published work. I will use these four pockets and see how I like them and if I need to make a modification I will talk to the children and we will change... no big deal!

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