Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mr. Crunch DIY

I have had lots of questions about my friend Mr. Crunch. Mr. Crunch is made from a Dollar Tree trash can. He is sprayed with Krylon Fusion paint because all other cheap spray paint will peel, trust me friends, I have been there and done that...TWICE. My original Mr. Crunch has peel and stick foam dots and letters I bought at a craft store. I bought a package of letters and a package of foam shapes. Once I got home I realized I did not have enough of the right letters or the shapes so I had to go back to the store. On my second pack of letters I did not have the color or letters I needed. On my THIRD trip to the craft store where they know me by my personal name, teacher name AND blog name I decided to open the package and see if it had what I wanted inside. I assembled the Mr. Crunch and did not like him at all. I did not like the foam shapes sticking out and barely sticking to the can. Even though I was not completely happy, I kept working adding shapes, rick rack and the google eyes. When he was finished I still was not happy but I carried him around to different kindergarten training events all summer long. As I was looking at one of my favorite blogs The Polka Dot Patch, I remembered she has a POLKA DOT SHOP called Porter's Polka Dots! So I sent her my ugly Mr. Crunch picture and asked for a serious makeover. She asked me what colors I wanted and font and she sent them to me in the mail! Once I got the stickers I grabbed my THIRD Mr. Crunch and started my DIY night! It was just what I wanted thanks to my new an improved Polka Dots from the Polka Dot Patch! So, since I have triplet Mr. Crunch cans I had to make some cookies for him to eat. I made those and posted them to TpT. And the best part is that this weekend they are on sale for my I Love Teachers Sale!


SAS said...

I have a sound muncher but I like yours better. I need to make a new one now that I have a cricut and can cut vinyl out! You have such great ideas. I gave you an award on my blog!
You can grab it here!
Kindergarten Korner

Mrs. T's Kindergarten Kapers said...

New to your sight but love it.

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