Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Phonological Fun!

Here's a quick game that you can make in a flash to be ready for some Halloween fun. 
You will need:
A seasonal bag or bucket
Sentence strips or index cards with names of your children printed on them
Music player
How to play:
Start the music and have the children pass the bucket around. When the music stops, the person holding the bucket pulls a name out of the bucket and shows the group. Everyone says the name that is printed on the card and then the class claps the syllables in the name. The game continues until all names are pulled. I LOVE this game and we have had so much fun with it. And I love the easy prep! 

A special thanks goes out to CW in my district for providing us with engaging and fun ways to meet the needs of our children. 


Precious Perks (Leigh) said...

Thanks! I'm thinking I may use this game with sight words.

Kimberly said...

Love it! I'm gonna try it with our sight words. I was just sitting here dreading the Halloween craziness at school tomorrow and up popped your great idea. Thanks for sharing!
Funky First Grade Fun

krazykindergarten said...

Very cute idea! I love it!!

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