Saturday, October 22, 2011

November Number Corner!

I have had lots of emails about the October Number Corner post from a few days ago and one of the most popular questions was teachers asking what my pattern would be for November. I finally decided I would use the book Setting the Turkeys Free for some inspiration because I LOVE this book. So, here is my plan... I am going to paint the children's hands with the palm brown and each finger a different color. The hand prints will be turkeys and I will just substitute the turkeys for the butterflies that is posted on the Bridges Blog for Number Corner. So basically I am following all of the advice part of the Number Corner but just changing the butterflies to turkeys. My turkeys will be put in the positions just like the butterflies they use. I will also back each turkey with a color pattern that will be determined by my class. Just click HERE if you would like to follow along and see the Bridges Blog for more information! 

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