Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Number Corner October

I hesitated posting these photos because the quality of the photos were not that great. I have had some requests for the post so here we go! We followed our calendar pattern ABB and through tons of discussions we decided to make pumpkins with our hand prints and then add the pattern elements to that. Our pumpkin leaf was little, big, big and our pumpkin face color was black, yellow, yellow. 
We used pre cut shapes to save time on this part because we spend so much time discussing and correcting our patterns as we go. I have learned that when the children are working on the calendar pieces and they can't see them all together, it is hard for them to visualize the pattern or patterns. It is hard for me also. We have had to go back to the calendar pocket chart and put the pieces in to see if we are correctly making the pattern. Doing this takes some time but the conversations and discussions are powerful problem solving discussions and believe it or not, the children fully take part in the problem solving process. 
Using the pocket chart as you finish each step has been very helpful. So after we painted our pumpkins and then added leaves we put our pieces in the calendar pocket chart. We discussed the pattern for the faces while the unfinished cards were in the pocket chart and then we added the faces. We have done this so many times that the children can set up the calendar with minimal help. I have also learned that starting two weeks before the end of the month is also helpful especially when you are adding two or three different pattern elements. 
If you are looking for more information to plan for November Number Corner in Kindergarten you can see the Advice for November information here. I found this information on the Bridges Blog. I LOVE the calendar pieces they offer and have used them in the past. You can get those calendar markers free so if you are running short on time, you can use those markers! When we make our own markers we use the calendar markers from the Bridges Blog just like a flash card. You can also use those markers to sequence numbers because they are perfect for that. And what about letting the children put the markers in the calendar OVER your existing markers as practice? I think I am giving that one a try! 
If you love Number Corner as much as I do and have info or photos to share I hope you write to me! I would love to see what you do inside of your classroom. 


Amy said...

I completely love this idea! I know it takes time but teaching those higher order problem solving skills is so worth it!!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love teaching patterns! Looks like your kids are having a great time while learning!
First Grade Blue SKies

Busy Bees said...

Love those calendar pieces! I used to do this, but just gave them a white piece of paper to draw something that they thought about for the month. I like this version better. Thanks for sharing!

Nanny said...

Love Love following your blog. Cant wait to follow contest!

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