Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Okee!

So you say I have to go to work this Monday and Tuesday. You say I have to TEACH on the two remaining days before Christmas break to 20 little Kindergarten kids! You say I need to cover Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science but what you didn't say was HOW. I am soooo glad you didn't because when I was out doing my MaD DaSh Christmas shopping today I saw something that reminded me of 20 little elves I know! 
Merry Okee

I think my Mighty Merry Okee, some jingle bells, a musical clock and come craft supplies can get us well on our way to some super fun sound investigations! Yep, got those objectives POSTED and we are well on our way to discuss sound. I can't wait! Did I just say that? 

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