Monday, December 5, 2011

Number Corner December

It's kind of funny how each different group of kids you teach remind you of different things. My class this year will always be known as my Calendar Kids. I swear it is the most popular time of the day. I have tried so many new things with Number Corner just because they like it so much. We have been busy making new calendar markers and working reworking our calendar pattern for the month. On Friday we rearranged our calendar pieces at least five different ways because we were trying to figure out a way to complete a pattern all the way through the month and no matter what we still came up at least two pieces short. I am proud to say we have exhausted ourselves and our solution is to make two more so that our pattern is complete. Even though our calendar routine is the shortest time block in our day, we all look forward to it. We usually are still talking about some element of it at the end of the day as well. Everything we do in Number Corner connects to the math we do in our class so Number Corner is really an extension of our math block. Building our calendar together has given us a great opportunity to apply problem solving strategies and discuss and try different solutions. And I have noticed that when we continually build new calendar patterns together, we learn new planning strategies and we are getting better through trial and error.
Also known as THE ONLY class I ever had that LOVED raisins, go figure! 


S. Parker said...

Isn't it funny how each class has a spirit of its own.

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

These are adorable!
First Grade Blue SKies

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