Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pets in the Classroom!

I love having pets in the classroom! We have had a lot of fun with our crabs, frogs, fish and snails this year. Yes, we have had some tragedies along the way and we have learned a lot from them. Our pets in our classroom provide us with a peaceful place to gather and observe. We ask each other a lot of questions in this little corner of our world. In the beginning of the year we posted a lot of our discoveries with our pets in the  Science Lab but so much snow business is going on in the lab that it seemed a better fit here! We cleaned up the crab shack and gave our crab habitat a new look. You can't see them because they are playing hide and seek behind the shack. I think they got excited about the new look in the habitat. Today was the first time we cleaned the entire habitat which is one reason that little crabby patties are the perfect critters in the classroom. The clean up was pretty simple, easy and fast. As we were working, I realized this would be a great way to talk to the kids about How To writing. I am really exited to see if this experience and the discussions we had during our crab transformation will help me generate some good How To writing. 

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