Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Did I Grow Up?

So, you have heard of my miraculous recovery of data. I totally love that I could pull that little challenge off. And I am dreaming of the moment I return to my normal blogging life. Sharing a computer is yucky. I mean I look like a hungry buzzard lurking around the house when someone else even gets near THEIR OWN computer. Yep, it's just difficult to share a computer for me. I am having graphic withdrawals and I can't stop the voices in my head... back up and restore, back up and restore...

As I was shopping for computers tonight it suddenly hit me. Am I grown up? Is this what grown up is? How in the world did my regular life change so darn fast? I have been independent for a long time but gee it sure didn't feel like this. I thought shopping was fun. Shopping for computers, not so much fun. Questions and questions and decisions upon decisions almost made my head spin. Three years ago I needed a computer to make cool lesson plans, training Power Points, store some pictures and burn a CD with some transitional Dr Jean songs on it. Now I actually have to talk performance, gigga something, hard drives, CRYPTONITE (remember back up and restore for this one), RAM and whatever else they said that I just could not pay attention to.

I had full intentions of going in there and looking at something and saying OMG when I see the one I wanted and grab a COKE and pay for my new little slice of technology heaven. I guess things have changed. I hate when things change and they just slap you in the grown up face. This whole experience had me just wishing I was back in Kindergarten with 20 children who have not seen recess in a week. I had to walk out. I mean I had to take a moment to actually reflect on what I need and what I need a computer for these days. It is all so darn serious these decisions and choices and choices and decisions.

I am going back tomorrow with a clear head and a clear focus... And real soon this blog is going to return to normal.

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I never mind the shopping as much as the fact I have to pay for it all!! lol
First Grade Blue SKies

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