Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter Generator!

I found this great resource while blog hopping on one of my favorite blogs Teaching With TLC. We have recently completed a unit on letter writing in class and I wished I had known about it sooner. This is a great way to integrate technology into writing and this generator could not be more simple to use. I was thinking as a review the kids could help generate several letters and then they could create their own. What I have learned this year in my class is that the first few weeks of letter writing in kindergarten is sometimes difficult. This year I have had pen pals and that has helped me keep the topic going as we have moved on to other forms of writing. During our Writer's Workshop the children are still choosing to write letters and I have noticed that the letters today were so much better than just a couple of weeks ago. I think I might give this a try and keep the interest going. This year we found two new books for our letter writing unit that we really enjoyed.

And we used some old favorites.

If you have not read the first two books you just have to check them out!

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