Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Library Mouse!

Sam the library mouse and his friend Sarah are off on a new adventure. This time they leave the library behind and go to a museum so Sam can make sketches in his explorer’s journal. Sarah isn’t so sure that explorers have the time or the interest to write in journals. But Sam shows her that a journal can contain anything, from a ticket stub to drawings of cool things like dinosaurs and ancient Egyptian mummies. As they explore the museum, they see all kinds of art and unexpectedly make friends with another artist.
Barnes and Noble

Celebrated writer and illustrator Daniel Kirk brings to life the joys of reading, writing, and sharing in this all-new Library Mouse adventure. Sam the library mouse loves to write, and the children love his little books, which he leaves on the library shelves for them to find. But no one at the library has ever met him. When Tom can’t find a partner for a book-making assignment and finds Sam’s secret hole behind the children’s reference section, will the pair be able to work together, or will Sam’s secret identity be spoiled forever?
Barnes and Noble

One night in the library, Sam meets fellow mouse Sarah. Sam learns that Sarah is quite the explorer. She loves to scurry to the tops of shelves and explore the darkest corners of the building. Sam never climbs far up—he’s too afraid! He prefers to research subjects—such as exploration—and write about them. Sarah doesn’t know much about writing or research, but could reading and research help her learn more about the places she wishes to visit? Together this duo shows that, with teamwork, anything is possible.
Barnes and Noble

I wish I had a picture that could show how excited we all were to go to the school BOOK FAIR. After the preview and waiting to go we all had books already in mind to buy. We knew we had to be strategic and we knew we had to be quick. We learned that the books on the preview are hot items and sometimes they do not send enough of them. We were ready to go and on a mission. To be honest, a mouse and cat mission. I hope we did not scare our sweet librarian with our mission. I told the kids we were NOT leaving without securing a copy of the new Library Mouse book! And I was heading right for the Pete the Cat book for anyone who did not have a copy... You know books are a big deal and good books make us squeal. I was able to secure a pretty good pile and hide it in the office. WHEW! I was so excited to see Library Mouse is now loving a little bit of research. RESEARCH, now we are talking my language and when you add the word EXPLORE to the description, I might just get a little crazy. And just like Sam and Sarah, my class did show me that with teamwork anything is possible...even a cat and mouse mission.


Busy Bees said...

You find the best books!! Thanks for sharing the great finds!

School Sparks Renee said...

These are new to me, but they look like wonderful stories I'll check them out! Renee

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