Monday, May 28, 2012

My Reading List!

I am linking up with the fabulous Clutter Free Classroom for their Summer Reading List Linky Party! I have not officially ended this school year yet but reading the book The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark has been on my mind since last summer. I missed out on the opportunity to read it last year, so this year this is the book right at the top of the list. Usually I have a prioritized book list ready to go for summer but this year is different. I am so fortunate that my Math Specialist in my district has given me several books this year to read. I was able to pick and choose chapters but I was never able to read the entire books due to the lack of time. So this summer I will be reading and summarizing those books and I will share some of that this summer here.

I am super excited that one of those books is Number Talks by Sherry Parrish. I really can't wait to dig into this book this summer. I have waited a year and I know I am going to really enjoy this one.
Clutter-Free Classroom


Lisa R. said...

I have been wanting to read The End of Molasses Classes since last summer too. I love Ron Clark! I have a lot of books on my summer list, so I'm hoping that I make my way to reading it.

Learning Is Something to Treasure

LYNDSEY said...

Awesome! I can't wait to check out Number Talks by Sherry Parrish. Thanks so much for sharing this!

I just linked up, as well!

A Year of Many Firsts

twilliams said...

Love Ron Clark!! Haven't read the Molasses book, but definitely want too! Love your blog!


2nd Grade Pig Pen

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