Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Hoppin Fun!

Hello Kinder Friends,
This coming Saturday will be a fun blog hopping day and I hope you join us as we blog hop around and learn and see new things. I am so darn excited that I will be guest blogging at Inspired by Kindergarten and my guest blogger will be from Apples and ABC's. What is exciting is that I know you are going to love what my fabulous guest blogger is going to share! I can't wait to get mine too. And I am working up something really fun to share with you at Inspired by Kindergarten. I hope you join us because we are all so excited to be able to connect and share. Lucky for the three of us that we are all Kinder teachers! I feel like we got so lucky on that little draw the straw game. I hope you guys support my new friends. It's so much fun when we all learn and share ideas and inspiration together. And if by chance you are new here, I welcome you to my blog and sharing all things Kinder.

Apples and abc's


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