Monday, July 2, 2012

Made It Monday!

Hello Kinder Friends,
For my Made It Monday I am sharing one of my old time favorites...The 5 Minute 5 Dollar Clock! Once you know how easy this is you will be wanting to make your own. The clock you see here was purchased at WalMart for four dollars. This was the cheapest clock I could find. Right now is the perfect time to go and look for these clocks in different colors in the college section. When you are deciding on a clock, you need to be sure that the clear cover can be removed. I purchased the Eric Carle stickers from eBay because I could not find stickers that I wanted anywhere. Stickers are a good thing to purchase from eBay because normally there is no shipping fee. I got mine for less than a dollar. All I did was pop off the top of the clock and position the stickers. I put back on the top and adjusted the time. I used this clock in my Science center! So now that you know how to make The 5 Minute 5 Dollar Clock what theme are you going to make and where are you going to hang it? You have to stop by and let me know!

Go check out all these great ideas at 4th Grade Frolics and then make something of your own!


Tara said...

Oh my word!!! SO stinkin adorable and so easy:) Thanks for sharing:))) The possibilities are endless:))) Just too cute! Thanks for linking up:))

4th Grade Frolics

Emily said...

I now totally want to do this for my boys' rooms.

I Love My Classroom

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

So cute! I may have to make this for my little girl, we are having a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme!

Fancy Free in Fourth

Kelly said...

Love, love, love that clock!

Michelle Rist said...

So cute! are only 4 away from 1,000 followers! : ) Yay!!!

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