Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Read To Self!

Hello Kinder Friends,
I wanted to post this again because I get a lot of emails about these posters each week. Here is the version I am using this year. In a previous post I discussed how we use anchor charts in my class. I create anchor charts in my class with my class. I usually use chart paper. Considering an anchor chart is something we use almost daily for an entire year I transfer our "in class" created anchor charts to a computer created one that I create at home. The reason I do this is because I can laminate it and it will last for the entire year. Once we work through our lessons and discussions on the chart paper, in the beginning not much changes on the chart, so I bring in the computer made anchor chart. If by chance we decide to change something or add something as we learn and grow in literacy, I write it on the chart and change it on the document and bring a new copy back to class. The reason I do this is because I have limited wall space in class. I have covered almost every square inch. Primarily my reason for a smaller chart is so that when we are modeling appropriate behaviors or reflecting on a session we look over the anchor chart. We NEED the chart a lot to say the least. I hang these anchor charts right beside where I teach and so they are ready whenever I need them. I tape each anchor chart to a small hanger and hang it in the area I need it. If I were to staple it in the room somewhere it would probably be on the ceiling because there is no space... I sure do not want to refer to something that is hanging across the room or on the ceiling! It works for me.
I will post pictures as soon as I can. I am in Kindergarten bliss right now and having a great time getting to know the children in my class. We are working on building stamina and we have already gone through a few timers. We are also learning how to pick a good reading spot. I am taking it all slow this time around. I am dreaming of true independence and taking my time to get there. As far as the other parts of the Daily 5... they are coming and I will post the anchor charts we create here for free but we are not quite there yet after just a week in school. I have to say that my class was super excited to get there book boxes and inside was a "Just Right" book to read. It was an exciting day. If you need a copy click on the image of the chart above.
Happy School Days!


Miss Nelson said...

Love your chart! Thanks for sharing.

Jill Williams said...

I'm right there with you. Taking it slow, building stamina and very excited to choose where to read.

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