Sunday, September 9, 2012

Won't You Join Us?

Hello Kinder Friends,
I wanted to share this with you as I was making it for my class today. We have been working hard on establishing routines and learning to recite the pledge. I was pretty impressed this Friday when the class decided to show me just how well they were doing with this task and it inspired me to make these badges for 9/11. We are going to be wearing our badges with pride and we want you to join us! Please grab your copy by clicking on the image above. I am printing mine on white and backing them with red or blue construction paper. The children can color them in.
One of my favorite books this time of year as we are learning the pledge. And I am on the hunt for a copy of this out of print book...
Have a happy Monday friends!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pledge badges! We are working very hard to learn it, so these will be a great reward!

Wow! America is on Amazon in hardback copy, used from 12.86 and up... FYI.


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