Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Parent Ornaments!

Happy Holidays Kinder Friends,
As I was thinking about quick and easy ornaments for the kids to give their parents I ran across some ornaments similar to these. I bookmarked the page so I could return to it but apparently something happened to my bookmark... These ornaments were inspired by the ones I saw on the internet. I loved the idea of these because they are made from simple materials that most of us have on hand. Basically, if you have paper, paint, glitter and kids you can whip these up in no time at all.
When they were finished we just had to hang them on our tree because they were so cute!

I think each ornament has been moved a few times because everyone seems to want theirs on the top!


Tami said...

oh so cute! Next year this is my go to idea!! Did you paint the faces?

Mrs. C said...

Faces were made from multicultural construction paper!

Jessica Fredrickson said...

I love these, they are so cute! You are so creative!

Fun in PreK-1

Amy Howbert said...

These are precious! We did angel ornaments, too! Come take a peek! I'd love to make these to along with our other ornaments!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

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