Monday, December 24, 2012

New Years Bag Whackers!

Happy Holidays Kinder Friends,
Wrapping up the week in Kindergarten was fast and furious as you can imagine. I think it flew by with a blink of an eye! During all the hustle and bustle of the last week I found myself needing something to put small gifts and prizes in for my kinder kids. I was really trying to use something I had on hand to eliminate another trip to the store. As I was going through my boxes and bags of things it made me remember Pinata Bag Whackers that I had made when we celebrated Children's Week last year.
These Pinata Bag Whackers are sooo simple to make and the best part is that the kids can make them on their own. We use white paper bags that I had previously bought at Walmart, tissue paper squares, yarn, glue and glitter. I had all of these items on hand and in the classroom. The children decorated each bag with the tissue paper squares and let it dry.
I set up a small glitter center and the children added the glitter to decorate the bag. And we were all excited to see what the bags looked like all dressed up and ready for our party. As I stuffed the bags I tucked in a Ziploc bag because the magic of this Pinata Bag Whacker Activity is that there is no big pinata to break, no kids fighting and rushing for prizes and everyone gets the same thing... I just LOVE that part.
Once your bags are stuffed and tied you are ready for some fun! Take your bags outside and have the children stand in a circle. They swinf the bags around in the air by the string and whack it on the ground! Just keep whacking away until all the prizes come out! So much fun! Once the prizes are on the ground the children use the Ziploc to collect their prizes!
What I love about this is that pinatas are are part of many different celebrations for my students. And this simple bag whacker can be modified for any celebration by changing the colors and what is inside. I love that it is an open ended project that children can create on their own and they always look beautiful no matter what. So what about making these with the kids at home for New Years Eve? I bet you could figure out a way to make these adult friendly too by thinking creatively about what is inside the bag. And who wouldn't have fun whacking some bags at midnight and grabbing some fun prizes too?
I am IN... just sayin!
Have a wonderful holiday season Kinder Friends!

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More than Math by Mo said...

Thanks for sharing! This idea is super cute. It is raining here in Louisiana on Christmas Day so I think this is a perfect activity to do today with my children, neices, and nephews.

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