Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Colors Of Us! Freebie

Hello Kinder Friends,
Well celebrating Black History is well underway for us in the classroom. This year the kids are talking a lot about the difference between skin colors and I have had a lot of questions about why we are called black and white. It has been a challenge for some of us to see beyond... black and white. This week we read The Colors of Us which is one of my all time favorite books in the world.
And as you can see black and white does not accurately describe us at all!  

One of my all time favorite activities is creating this chart with the class each year. Not only do we have some rich discussions when we are creating it but it always is a top choice for Buddy Reading. And this activity goes great with the new book I found to help teach diversity.
I really can't wait to read this next week.
And I am just as excited to read this book too! And we have been learning the meaning of some new words!
And our class favorite is...peace. Yep, we got that one! Thank goodness for me!
If you need a copy of the mini poster above just click on the image and grab it! 

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