Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Only A Dot!

Sweet Summertime Kinder Friends,
It sure is nice to have the time to get things accomplished in hopes for a stress free year ahead. It's nice to look at the summer to do list and finally see some progress being made. It's also kind of fun to look back and remember what we did last year and decide if it is a keeper or not. The Number One Rule of Glue...Only a Dot Will Do! is a keeper for sure. This was a perfect way to introduce those glue bottles and expectations for independent use of glue. You know all they want to do is use those school supplies after bringing them in to school anyway. This sort of gets that right out of their system. This is a great one to print on colored paper and glue on hole punch black dots. If you are feeling real crafty you can add a worm to the picture. And if you need a little RTI for this activity just copy it on yellow or green paper next time and there you have it! If you need a copy just click on the image above.
Like I said scratching off things on that summer to do list has been fun. Just one less thing to think of and worry about for the coming year. And one of my goals has been to integrate my tiny little art center into something that supported Art and Language Arts goals. And one thing lead to another and soon there were over 280 pages of integrated good old fun. And then I walked away still wishing and wanting more...
And I really was happy for a while...or a few minutes. I still wanted more.
And even a little more...
I just can't help keeps growing! If you need additional information just click on the pictures above! And don't forget the Number One Rule of Glue!

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Mrs. Davis said...

I love it! So super cute! I think this is going to have to be an addition to my work stations.

Carried Away in... K!

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