Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Great Stock Up Sale! !

Welcome Kinder Friends,
I was a little excited when I opened up my email to find that Michael's is having Dollar Days this week. I have been waiting and waiting for this cart to go on sale and it's on sale today. At 40% off it sure makes it much more affordable and you can't forget the teacher discount too! I bought one of these last year and tried it out and used it for the year. I liked it and it took up little space so I knew I wanted another one. I used mine in my Creation Station in a small corner of my room and it held my art materials.
This year I am excited that this cart will hold my fully integrated Language Arts and Art materials for the Creation Station. And this summer I have been on the hunt for affordable art supplies. Michael's is also having a sale on Crayola products this week.
Here are a few of my favorites that I am on the hunt for. Maybe Michael's will have a few of these to add to my Creation Station. Who knows I might get lucky and find a few. And my newest favorite has to be oil pastels for so many reasons, especially because it pulls everything together and makes for great outlines plus you get to use your fingers to smudge it around. So you know I will be looking for those.  
Now is a perfect time to look for those great deals to stock up on all those creative materials with Back to School right around the corner.
I was super excited to see these foam brushes for 14 for a dollar in the add. I think I will be grabbing some of those! Have fun shopping friends!


Karen said...

Sam's Club also has those carts on sale. I'm not sure if it's cheaper or not, but they are under $30. A great price considering similar ones in teacher catalogs are $80. I love Michaels!

amy mich said...

I was thinking about getting one of those carts to organize my reading group materials. I was thinking 2 drawers per reading group (based on color). Since you have one do you think that is enough space for each group. My thought was one drawer for manipulatives and 1 drawer for books? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Teaching in Blue Jeans

Kelly Rotzinger said...

I got mine for $25 @ Sams Club :) I love it
The kids don't have to ask me for anything it's all right there

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