Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sharing Is Caring!

2 Crazy Texas Teachers
Hey Kinder Friends,
Well it seems we have a winner or maybe two? So, here's to you both at 2 Crazy Texas Teachers because you just won a little bit of glue fun! I am not sure how you are going to share the book but we all know that in Texas we are known for heat, huggin' and hospitality so I am sure you girls will work it all out. Sharing is caring, right? So send me an email and I will get this to you as quick as a Texas tornado.
I sure had fun reading all of the comments. I especially like the glue poems that were sent in. I want to print those out and use them too. How about it girls? I even learned that most of us still use glue bottles. And I never knew that glue sticks really didn't stick that well for kinder art projects. I never tried it because all we get is glue in bottles and I just deal with it. Actually it really isn't all that bad. It usually is just a kid or two that has glue issues. I hope you join me again here TOMORROW for the biggest and the best giveaway I have ever been a part of and then that will be it for a while. We will then resume our normal...get it in gear for school because time is running out fast.

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Miss M said...

I am IN LOVE this book! I wish I would have known about your giveaway :)

Stop by my blog if you have the chance :) I'm having a giveaway too!

Miss M
The Fabulous First Grade

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