Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Are Five!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well we are celebrating the small things... Just those little things that seem like the biggest mountains to climb when so much is going on. We finally posted our pictures on our timeline and now we have a Here's When We Were Born Graph. It paints a clear picture. We have no birthdays to celebrate until the bitter end of January. So, we are five and it is something to celebrate. Let's just say we are going to embrace ...five. And we have been talking a lot about Number Talks. Although I have fully committed to taking it slow we are actually moving right along. Although building our graph is not part of Number Talks, it does tie in and make a connection. This time around it makes a personal connection. As we begin to learn that five is a benchmark number, it helps making that personal connection.
We started off with Another Important Book and talked a lot about five. We also discovered that being five is something we have in common. As we read the book we were able to practice some of our hand signals for Number Talks and continue to establish a mathematical community. We now understand that sharing our thoughts in Number Talks time is different than other times when we are together in group. We have also been working on quick images on a five frame.
As I was preparing for our talks for next week, I remembered these two books by Jamie Lee Curtis. These have always been popular with Kinder kids and they make a great connection to being...five!
Our routine is simple. Right now books play an important role that allows us a chance to practice our hand signals for properly communicating our mathematical ideas and sharing our thoughts, as we pause on certain pages, it gives me a chance to support the communication through sentence stems and model how to respond and it provides a familiar and safe format for children to begin to take risks and share their thoughts with others. We are using quick images on five frames and we look at three to five images per session. So there you have it! It is quick, simple and to the point!

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