Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going Nutty!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Just going a little "nutty" around here...well maybe Nutty For Number Lines that is! We are officially nuts for number lines and we are using them as tools a lot. So, what is a girl to do? Well, sometimes you have to just go with it and I did. You know at times you have to go with what is high interest at the moment and give in a little. So now that we have declared that we are nutty for number lines, I decided we have to use them efficiently and as the tools they were meant to be.
Since it is beginning to actually feel like fall our number line practice has a little bit of a fall theme that really made us smile. But we did not just throw the objectives out the window... Here is what we are covering!
With little time on my hands I was thrilled to finally have this file in place. We can use it in class, small groups and also send it home. It's so much fun it has made us...nutty! If you are going nutty for number lines too just click on the images for more information!
And it saved us a little time to get to this project given to me by one fabulous art teacher. I love the simplicity of this project. The trunk and branches were made from strips of cardboard dipped in paint and the leaves were sponge painted. This project is a keeper for sure. No big fuss but a lot of impact. And yes, the art teacher let us use her inspiration and supplies! She found the idea on Pinterest but tracking down the source has been difficult. If you know the wonderful teacher who came up with this idea please let me know so I can give them proper credit because it deserves proper credit for sure. I just love it.

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