Sunday, October 6, 2013

Math Wall Teacher Resources!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well this year is proof that adjust and monitor seems to be the theme for just about everything. And I have done just that. If it didn't work the first time around then why keep it around for a year? I have been busy adjusting every inch in this area and I can say it is paying off! One of my greatest challenges has been finding a number line that I liked, that would fit and one that could be read from...anywhere. I looked high and low and could not find one I liked. I bought a few and threw them away only to be left with nothing. Considering I could not find one on my own after hours of searching I was left with two alternatives...make my own or do without one. I didn't want to go without the number line I had stuck in my head so I created one.
And since posting this first picture I have had a lot of requests for a poster printable number line. I am glad I gave it a try because I love it. But what I love the most is that it is tucked in to a nice file and if I decide next year or later this year that I want to change the look I can go to the file and print it on any color of card stock and have a new and fresh number line. I plan to add Velcro dots to each spot on the number line and use a manipulative to hop from number to number. Just simple black and white resources that can be used year after year. Gosh, what is not to love? If I want to start the year with 0-10 great and if I want to change it later to 0-20 well I can do that too!

Simple and to the point is the key because we have tons going on. And if you are wondering if it is too late to change your wall now? The answer is simple...if it is not working for you then why wait a year?
And day by day we are learning to be independent but it has taken a while this time around. I just keep reminding myself that it takes...time.

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OkinawanGirl Lisa said...

Love the simplicity of your number line! It really works with your coloured background and surroundings. Great idea to include velcro so that items can "jump" along the line.

Thanks for sharing!

I too often spend hours looking for something, only to end up finally making it myself!

Best wishes,

One, Two, Three: Math Time

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