Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We have been having a little fun getting it all together for our Thanksgiving feast this coming week. It is one of my all time favorite events in Kindergarten. We have slowly been putting together our Thanksgiving Story Retelling Place Mats and I have to say that we all can retell this story like we have known it all along. Hand motions and all, we have it! And as we have been discussing family traditions and customs we have had a lot of fun in our home center. In fact, a hot mess of fun!
We are going to keep this image small...for obvious reasons! Seriously what is a Kinder teacher to do when looking at this at dismissal? I say pick your battles my friends. Just shut the door and walk away because it is too upsetting to look at. I shut the door and my eye twitched all the way home... Between here and there I had to make a plan and quick because the mere thought of looking at this again made me light headed.
So, casually the next day we started talking about family celebrations again. And we learned that most every family celebration includes some kind of food. And I pulled our home center into the center of the room and asked if this were our "home" would it be ready for any kind of celebration.
The children decided that it would be a good idea to spruce up our home center because it was not ready for...anything! But we have had some fun sorting and organizing and actually deciding what props we wanted in our home center.
It did not take long for us to get some momentum and the conversations were lively as we organized and made decisions on what to keep and toss. It was interesting to see the different roles that each person took on for this project. Who knew problem solving could be so much fun?
We still are working on gathering some props because we decided that we wanted to create a Feast for 10! We had to borrow a few items and I am gathering a few more but by Monday we begin creating a Feast for 10! I seriously can't wait.
As I was thinking about the next week I remembered that a few of the children were talking about the place mats we have been making for the feast. They wanted to use the mats in the home center when recreating a Feast for 10. I decided to make some smaller place mats so that the children could use them in the home center.
Just print these on colored cardstock and laminate and you have a quick and easy prop for your home center too! If you need a copy for your friends just click on the image above and grab your freebie!
For more information on our Thanksgiving fun just click on the image above to get more information! Happy Fall Y'all!

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